I previously wrote about some of my nursery plans, and the real issue is a lack of space. I wanted to fit a daybed (for guests), a dresser, and a mini crib in my tiny space, and it’s just too tiny. A sweet friend that is also expecting recommended that I consider DIYing a Murphy bed, which is what she and her husband are doing. They are much, much handier than me, but I HAVE built furniture in the past… so I’m feeling semi-optimistic about this idea (probably naively so). I start out all of my potential plans with a lot of research, so I looked for a few pictures of what I hoped to accomplish. I’d like a horizontal folding twin Murphy bed with either a bookcase above it or shelving.


In my head, I’m thinking that it could also be a great toddler bed (that wouldn’t even need to be made).  I could fold it down for naps and bedtime and put it back up so there is room on the floor to play.  Ana White has one plan for a twin Murphy bed, but I’m also considering buying a kit (which is a little pricier) and designing my own cabinet for it.