Back in January, we got some of the happiest news of our lives.  We’re expecting a baby!  In our 8.5 years of marriage, we have had some wonderful adventures, but we’re sure that this journey will be our favorite.  Also, it’s a GIRL! I was certain it was a boy, so I had boy names picked out and a fabulous boy nursery planned in my head (and on my Pinterest board).  I had set aside a toy sailboat that was my husband’s as a boy and had big plans to turn it into something for the nursery.  I could still do all of that for a girl too, but we all know how much I love pink (like my pink dining room).  Is it faux pas to do a pink nursery nowadays? I have 3 extra gallons of a beautiful blush color, and I’d love to use it up!

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 2.02.56 PM

The decor is not really the main issue though.  It’s the space.  We live in a two bedroom condo, and the second bedroom is the size of a closet.  It barely fits a twin bed and a dresser.  Now, I need it to do double duty as a nursery and a guest room.  It needs to fit a crib, a twin bed (for guests), and a dresser with a changing pad on top.  Here’s the room that will be the nursery/ guest room.  We sold off the furniture that is in these pictures to make room for NURSERY furniture!

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Since it’s a tiny room, I know I want to paint the majority of it white (Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is my favorite white).  However, I also want it to be a fun space that will grow with our little one.  I decided it would be fun to paint the ceiling a fun, unexpected color.  The room has “chair molding” near the ceiling (Is it even called chair molding when it’s that high?), so I want to extend the color down the ceiling to the top of the “chair molding”.  I think it will give the appearance of a higher ceiling.  Here are some example of others that have done this:



White Bedroom with a Lime Green Ceiling


As far as furniture, we had to buy a crib (CHECK), dresser (CHECK), and a new daybed frame (still looking).  I purchased a crib YEARS ago in preparation of future babies.  As soon as we found out we were expecting, we excitedly pulled it from storage and put it together.  It was too big for the room!!!  It was just a standard sized crib, and we realized we would have to go a different route.  Luckily, I found this mini crib on Craigslist for a steep discount and the sweet (CLEAN) family also gave me a waterproof mattress (and cover) and a few extra sets of organic sheets for it.  Have I ever mentioned that I meet the nicest people on Craigslist?  That sounds bad… I only buy furniture on Craigslist. I also found a Campaign-style dresser and nightstand at a local thrift store (for only $30) and painted them white.  I am still looking for a petite daybed frame that is budget friendly, sturdy enough to survive a future toddler, and that can fit a trundle underneath it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 6.27.02 PM.png

My thrift store scores!  They’re white now.

I’ve never had a strong vision or dream of how I wanted to decorate a future nursery.  I know our little one won’t really care what the space looks like for several years, so I want it to be a place in which I enjoy spending time.  I also want it to grow with our little girl and feel sophisticated AND fun.  Easy, right?  I threw together a few mood boards to gather my ideas.  They each have pros and cons, and none of them will be THE end product.  I love thrifting and always seem to find “treasures” that throw off my original ideas.

Idea #1: The Primary (Color) Palace

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.15.45 PM.png

I currently own this colorful Persian rug.  It has gold, bright blue, dark blue, red, pale pink, emerald green, and pretty much every other color in it.  It’s FUN!  In this idea, I would paint the ceiling a bold blue and keep the rest of the room rather white (including the crib, crib sheets, dresser, metal daybed, AND daybed bedding).  That white pillow in the bottom corner has tiny gold polka dots on it and would be the daybed bedding.  I would have pops of many colors throughout the room, like the pale pink hamper.  I love how cheerful and bright this room is, and I’m hoping that the amount of white in the room would keep it from being too busy.  I know a lot of people dislike white bedding for kids.  My husband and I have white bedding and white sheets.  We love that it’s easy to bleach, whereas other colors can be trickier for us to remove stains.

Idea #2: The Pretty in Pink Room

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.16.47 PM.png

This idea would mean we would sell our Persian rug and purchase this overdyed rug instead.  The rest of the room is identical to the one above, except that the ceiling would be painted a subtle blush tone.  The room would have pops of different tones of pink.  The cat art “might” be a thing, but it also might not.  I’m still deciding what to put in the frames in this room, but who doesn’t love portraits of cats?  This room is much simpler in color scheme, but I worry that it might be a little too “girly.”  I’m a girl, but even I tire of things that feel too sweet.

Idea #3: The Tenacious Turk

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.18.21 PM.png

This room is probably a mix of the top two: less color than the Primary (Color) Palace but just as sweet as the Pretty in Pink Room.  The base of the room would stay the same, although the ceiling would get a coat of a happy aqua color.  I would exchange our current Persian rug out for this Turkish rug that has pops of green, mauve, white, aqua, navy, and rust.  The room would have hints of pink and aqua.

Decisions, Decisions.  Do you have any favorites or additional ideas?