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My house is absolutely turned UPSIDE DOWN.  I started a bedroom makeover, which still isn’t finished since I’m looking for the perfect art and accessories.  Of course, the bedroom makeover rolled into a master bathroom renovation.  Then, there are several little things that take A LOT of time that are in the midst of being accomplished, like changing out the doors in the entire house since the mini-flood we had actually warped a few doorways.  So what better way to accomplish so much than procrastination… in the form of decor mood boards.

My parents recently purchased a lake house in the midwest.  It’s a cute, little place with fabulous bones, but it needs a lot of work.  I won’t show before pictures (they’re terrifying), but my mom has great taste so I know the home will come together beautifully.  She wanted a “boho” look that felt peaceful and fun, so I whipped up a few mood boards.

The lake house is TINY so every piece of furniture must be functional.  As much as I want to put in a hanging egg chair and rattan pieces, I know that the couch must be able to sleep guests and be easily cleanable for young children.  My dad also requested a comfortable side chair that was all his.  Also, they are renovating the kitchen to something similar to the embedded “kitchen inspo” picture (white cabinets, butcher block counters, open shelving).  The walls will be white planking.

I sent my mom about 10 of these mood boards, and I won’t show the items that she actually picked… yet.  Here are a few of the favorites though.