Meet my living room:


It dwells in a garden level condo with poor natural lighting… and it looks DARK.  Perhaps, it’s my affinity for black fireplaces.  Perhaps, it’s the darkness of the exposed brick walls.  Perhaps, it’s my eBay Persian rug.  Regardless, I prefer a much brighter, whiter color scheme.  I’d love to lighten my brick walls by white-washing them, but I want to be clear that my husband is VERY against that idea.  Being the obedient wife that I am, I’ve decided to… lime wash them instead.  It’s greener and less expensive, so surely he can’t be upset about it!


The look of a loving, obedient wife

Here is the difference:  White wash is watered-down paint and sits on the surface of the brick.  As it ages, it peels on the brick.  Lime wash is similar to matte paint, using just lime and water.  It’s been used for thousands of years and is similar to a stain, as it gets absorbed into the pores of the brick.  As lime ages, it simply fades, as opposed to peeling.  You can read more about it here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.28.38 PM

Partially lime washed wall

As I was researching how to apply lime best, I discovered this video.  Spoiler alert: You guys, they lime washed STRIPES into the brick!!!!  How amazing is that?!  It made me realize my purpose in life… which is obviously to lime wash my brick walls into striped patterns!  Now, how could my husband stand in the way of my life’s destiny?!  He can’t, which is why he agreed to lime wash the walls with me.  One small victory…  Really though, I convinced him over dinner.  Dinner at a nearby restaurant that features… you guessed it, striped, lime washed brick.  Let me introduce you to Birch and Barley in DC.  The food is good.  The beer is good.  The decor is REALLY good.  Also, I’m sure there is some scientific data to support that good beer and food is essential in convincing humans to give in to their wives.


Birch and Barley’s “striped” brick wall


Birch and Barley’s “striped” brick wall

I love how random the lime wash is on this enormous feature wall, although I think that it  would look strange on my much smaller brick wall.  In my own home, I will leave the header bricks in their natural state, and all horizontal bricks will be lime washed.  Here are more images of it because… you know… my life’s purpose.

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What I love about lime washing is that the texture of the brick remains evident.  I initially exposed my brick wall to add some texture and character in our home.  I’d hate to diminish that.  I also think the striped lime wash is a nice compromise with my husband.  It’ll have a lighter general appearance to brighten up the room, while still boasting some of its original color and charm.  I’m really looking forward to sharing this completed project soon!