I’m pretty ecstatic with the progress of our kitchen!

We spent around $300 (including the hardware, which is on back order currently).  Considering that we were quoted $1190 for new cabinet doors alone, we are thrilled with the savings and progress.  Here’s the before for good measure:

WOWSA! I still can’t believe we did this with some cheap lattice moulding and paint.  Eventually, we’ll add in white tiling and brass hardware, but until then we are enjoying our brighter, happier space.  Here’s how:

1. We removed our laminate doors, sanding everything lightly, and cut lattice trim to fit each door. We attached the trim with a nail gun and construction glue.

2.  We spent A LOT of time filling in all of the joints, edges, and nail holes with wood putty, re-sanding, and priming every inch with Zinnser’s 1-2-3 primer.  (Milk paint doesn’t technically need a primer, but our doors are plastic so we played it safe by using a primer that adheres to anything.)

3.  We set up a painting station in our living room and spent a week painting layers, sanding them, cleaning, painting more layers, etc.  I chose General Finishes milk paint in pure white for the top (with their non-yellowing polyacrylic) and in emerald green for the bottom.  I ended up tinting the emerald green with blue and black craft paint to get the exact shade of green that I desired.

4.  After everything had dried for a few days, we re-hung the doors.  Unfortunately, they’re incredibly old so the hinges are giving out on many of them.  They have rare European hinges that we’re trying to track down in order to replace them.

One more, before and “progress”