In terms of decor, I tend to ignore my bedroom the most.  It’s always been the “hand-me-down room,” filled with decor from other people… and a few items we’ve made for ourselves.
Exhibit A: The Headboard we made… back when I thought Instagram was a photo editing app.

Making my curvy headboard

I also surprised Mark while he was away on a business trip by dragging our dresser (my childhood dresser) out to the garage and chalk painting it.  He returned early from said trip and this was the furthest I had gotten… taking out the drawers. 🙂

Very slowly over time, I’ve updated a thing here or there but always on a very tight budget, including my current space.  When we moved into our current home, I ignored our bedroom for a long time.  It didn’t get repainted or new furniture.  I simply pulled up the carpeting that was covering the hardwood flooring and threw what I owned into the room.

New House (Before)


A few notes about this picture:

  1. I covered the homemade headboard with grey velvet I found for $1 per yard
  2. The hope chest was my mother’s. In college, I refinished it to its current “glory.”
  3. The rug was a plain shag rug I got off CL and drew on the Moroccan lines with permanent marker… over a year ago.
  4. The “fur” throw is fake fur fabric I bought in Japan and cut into that shape.
  5. Most importantly, the side tables don’t fit in here.  The one on the far right is turned sideways, meaning we couldn’t use the drawers or shelves on that side.

In case you wanted to see the chalk painted dresser….   I’ve since taken down all of those photos and put up just one giant painting… And even that will probably change.

Anyways, the two night tables that didn’t fit started bothering me. So after 9 months of living with them, I started checking CL for night tables.  They had to be the right price (less than $150 total), height (36″), and width (less than 36″) for the space.  I wanted them to be natural wood, as well, but that proved too difficult to find.  Finally, I settled on these beauties…

They were in BAD shape, and some child named Alaina had carved her name and initials alllllll over them.  They also only cost me $50.  After a lot of soap, I painted them with chalk paint that I found at Home Goods.

I’ve always used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in the past, but this can was less than half her price (less than $20) and didn’t require wax.  It was so easy to work with too!  I also lined the drawers with some leftover wrapping paper and Modge Podge.


Wrapping paper + Modge Podge = cheap drawer liner


Wrapping paper is cheaper than drawer liner, plus I wanted to cover up little Alaina’s name in every drawer.


DIY Wrapping paper drawer liner

I replaced the pulls with some from Overstock, and VOILA!

I had barely used a quarter of my can of chalk paint, so I decided to freshen up my mom’s hope chest too.  Normally, I’m against painting wood, especially family heirlooms.  However, this hope chest had a few chunks missing after our numerous moves and was in pretty bad shape overall.

   Normally, I’m not a fan of “matcha matchy” furniture, and I prefer a mix of painted and wood furniture in a room; however, for the price and ease of this mini-makeover…. I’m pleased.  We now have TWO side tables with FOUR drawers each of accessible storage.  I also feel like the hope chest makes sense visually in the room now.

Here’s the budget breakdown:

  • Chalk paint $20
  • Night tables $50
  • Cabinet pulls $20
  • Modge Podge $10
  • New bedding $0 (hand-me-down from my parents)
  • Total $100 (minus $150 that we sold our old night stands for)
  • Grand Total: We actually made $50 on this mini-makeover, which I’m stashing away to eventually update the space more to my style.