The real title of this post should be: HOW EBAY IS DANGEROUS…

I’m a big fan of Persian rugs.  All design styles change with time, but a Persian rug is a consistently traditional choice.  They’ve been in use for hundreds of years, and they’ll continue to be sought after for hundreds of years.  Rugs are expensive, so I wanted to be sure that my purchase would be useful for a long, long time.  I’m a big fan of Craigslist and eBay so I’ve been searching for months with no luck.  I want a long, narrow rug for my living room that is both colorful and classic, and I want to pay pennies for said rug.  Ha! My particular area (Washington DC) has a WONDERFUL Craigslist; however, it also has a multitude of wealthy homeowners that know how valuable their Persian “investments” are.  In other words, my Craigslist has hundreds of Persian rugs, but they’re all priced far beyond my budget.  My sister scored the most AMAZING Persian rug from a small shop in Indiana for a song, which just goes to show that geography (and luck) play major roles in thrifty shopping.


Anyways,  I fell in LOVE with the most perfect Persian rug I’ve ever seen on eBay.  It was colorful, playful, AND traditional all at the same time.  It had paisley AND something that looked like little octopus crabs in the design!  OCTOPUS CRABS!  I’m not sure how that relates to me, but it’s weird and quirky… and I WANTED IT!!!  It was also the wrong size and a bit more money than I wanted to pay.   These issues can be resolved:  “I can layer it on a large jute rug!”  “I can work more hours to pay for it!”  It also sold before I could bid on it.  Unfortunately, I can’t track down the person that bought it and beg them to sell it to me… or can I?

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.00.51 PM.png

I continued looking on eBay for an eternity (maybe a week or two)… until I finally bought a rug.  It was actually an accident… KIND OF.  You see, competitive people shouldn’t be allowed to have access to eBay.  We’re probably the only people keeping it up and running though, since there appeared to be a multitude of other people setting alarms at rare hours of the day in order to bid on items.  I lost every auction I bid on, so I give myself kudos for self-control when it comes to budget.  However, there are some items on Craigslist that you can’t bid on: the “Buy Me Now” items.  Sometimes, those items have a “Make Me an Offer” button, and I’m a curious person.  I saw a rug. I liked it, clicked the “make an offer” button, and offered less than half the asking price plus requested free shipping.  My offer was accepted within 5 minutes.  WHAT?! I was certain I had shot too low!  I thought my offer would be denied, but that I would have experimented a bit with this unfamiliar feature.  NOPE.  I had just bought a rug.


Yes, THAT is the rug I bought.  After my initial freak out: “How am I going to explain to my husband that I just bought a rug without his input?”  “What if this is an eBay scam?!” “What if it stinks, is infected with bed bugs, and/ or is haunted by a ghost?!”  It IS lacking in octopus crabs, but it DOES have a paisley design.  It also is bright, colorful, untraditional, and unique.  I’m positive it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s probably why I got it for such a great price.  That being said, it arrived today (2 days after I bought it).

I was initially concerned with how small the package was.  “Can a 10.4 inch rug even fit in there?!” However, it unwrapped beautifully and is just as bright and colorful as I had hoped.  It is an antique, so there are a few spots on it.  They don’t bother me toooooo much, and maybe they’ll disappear when I have it cleaned. 
In this picture I think you can see the colors better: black, navy, red, hot pink, gold, lilac, and bright blue.  It’s just as colorful as I had hoped! 

I’m glad it’s working in the space since I  originally had buyer’s remorse.  I’m excited to start tying this room together a bit more.