One of my favorite hobbies ways to spend money is combing through my local Craigslist for good deals.  Craigslist is one of those resources that you have to check frequently to get lucky because the GREAT deals are sold in seconds around here.  One day I listed a cabinet for a low price in my neighborhood and had 10 replies within 3 minutes.  The cabinet was picked up within 30 minutes.  I’m lucky to live in a heavily populated area with a high turnover rate, so my Craigslist consistently filled with great finds. However, I thought it would be fun to pick a different city (my hometown) and post some fun finds, along with how I’d update them.

TIP:  When browsing Craigslist, I always view it in “gallery” mode.  I also select “newest” at the top, along with “for sale by owner.”  I personally click on “for sale” and browse EVERYTHING  for sale because I’ve found some great finds that were accidentally posted in the wrong category.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.08.26 PM

I am loving this $50 Victorian walnut rocker. I’d personally leave the walnut wood unpainted (it’s GORGEOUS), but a fresh upholstery job would make it upbeat and fun.  Classic chairs like this tend to look more expensive in simple upholstery (like the turquoise velvet on the right), as opposed to a busier print.

This room divider for $50 is also a fun find.  You can paint the panels, wallpaper them with a fun new print, and even decoupage fabric onto them!  I really like these for hiding “ugly” areas of the house.  I have a friend that moves one around her home for different reasons: in front of her patio doors at night for privacy, in front of the kids’ toy pile for unexpected company, and in her living room for overnight guests (to partition the couch off from the rest of the room and provide a semblance of privacy).

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.20.49 PM.png



I am IN LOVE with this industrial chair for only $30.  It’s totally something straight out of Restoration Hardware!  I picture it with this, this, or this desk, or even better you could just buy this look alike desk from Craigslist for only $40!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.58.39 PM.png


I love weird, reused items for unconventional purposes, so I also really appreciate this retail jewelry display case for $100.

With a fair share of upcycling (I’d paint the entire piece, add detail to the white doors in the back, and replace the maroon velvet lining for a colorful drawer liner), it could become a decorative kitchen island (or add butcher block to make it more functional).  It even has drawers in the back for kitchen items!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.47.04 PM.png

With a little effort, this buffet could be a real head turner for only $55.  It has a ton of storage (kids toys, out of season clothing, craft supplies, etc.) and a very modern shape.  You could paint it a bright fun color (like my inspiration piece on the right from Luv my Spare Time blog) or leave it in its natural wooden stain.  I’d place it in my entry as an entry table, dining room as a buffet table, or living room as a television stand.  You could even hide your television hookups inside of it!

I also love these leather director’s chairs for only $40 for the pair.  I’ve seen this style in upscale design magazines.  Lonny magazine even featured similar director’s chairs in Ben Watt’s kitchen.

Finally, I found $35 church pews from my very own hometown!  I love the idea of using them in a mudroom, entry, or dining room (as seen in the inspiration picture on the right).

I loved searching through other city’s treasures online!  Did you like any of the choices above or find something even better?  I’d love to hear other ideas for these pieces, as well!