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A few months ago, I found a vintage silk tuxedo sofa on Craigslist for $150.  Honestly, the price seemed high for a 40+ year old sofa, but it was in great (vintage)condition and ridiculously long (106″). Brand new tuxedo couches with that length cost around $3000 in my area.  The seller still had the original $1000 receipt from 40 years ago, so I knew I was getting a high quality piece of furniture.   

I’m a little uncomfortable with used upholstery, even though it was coming from a wonderful family, so I called Stanley Steemers to have it professionally cleaned.   

If you ever get furniture steamed in your home, I would HIGHLY recommend having plastic sheeting on hand to protect your floors.  Everything gets wet, everything! The existing stains went away (which I was concerned about since the sofa is 100% silk), but I had failed to do my homework on my sofa.  I soon discovered my sofa had a solid steel frame, and the moisture caused rusting which created several rust stains on the fabric.

Rust stains caused from steaming


Luckily, a normal bleach pen removed the rust easily!  I had tried hydrogen peroxide first, but it did nothing.  After a few days, the sofa dried and was able to be used again.  It has been the most comfortable sofa ever, but it needed a bit more updating…

One nasty snow day I pulled out my flat head screwdriver and started ripping out the staples that connected the skirt…

 Soon, I discovered that simply pulling on the skirt was a faster method.  Every once in a while I had to add pry out a staple with pliers or the screwdriver.

Before and After


I’m much happier with this free little update.  I’m planning on sewing a slipcover soon, just to keep protecting the upholstery (from my cats).  On a different note, check out the brick wall!!!!