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Washington DC is not only the nation’s capital, but I’m convinced that it’s also home to the best thrifting scene in the nation.  I find hundreds of treasures, and Ikea’s (now retired) Benjamin bentwood stool is a frequent find in my local thrift stores.   I purchased mine for $3 a few years ago.

I originally bought it for my sister, whose home is adorably decorated with mid century modern furniture.  However, it soon proved useful as a stepping stool, extra seat, extra side table, etc. so I kept it (Sorry, sis).  I was tired of its ragged looks though. The surface was dry and cracked despite being oiled a few times.


Dry, cracked surface

I have a stockpile of paint in my home, most of which I purchase from the “oops paint” section in Home Depot.  I also have a glossy turquoise that I got for $3 and thought it’d be a fun pop of color on my sad Benjamin stool.  Some wood filler, a light sanding, and two coats of paint later…

Now, I can reach all of my upper kitchen cabinets (in style).  Not too bad for a $6 update.