When we first moved into our condo, our half bathroom looked like this…
Orange walls with matching orange mosaic tile.

DC8542886 - Bath

BEFORE: Our Half Bathroom

I love color, in fact, I used to have a bedroom in college that was this color!  That was a different decade though, and design trends change.  I’ve always loved black bathrooms, but it took a lot of examples to convince my husband.  Finally, after showing him every black bathroom on Houzz, this one won him over.

  Of course, I love everything about this design, but I knew it wouldn’t work in our space (or our budget).  Our drywall is in bad shape so a high gloss finish would amplify the flaws.  Also, I was hoping to spend less than $100, and I know the wallpaper and wood work alone would be hundreds.  However, this design proves that black can look great in a small space without windows.
I started the project by researching the best paint for a high pigment color.  I knew painting a room black could be VERY labor and time intensive.  I chose Benjamin Moore’s Aura in an Onyx matte finish for the room.  I only needed a small container, and the Aura line is known for having zero VOCs and being easy to clean (even in a matte finish with high colorant levels).  Professional painters will often keep a “wet edge,” meaning they paint a few feet of the baseboards and ceiling and then roll the wall while the edges are still wet.  Aura doesn’t require a wet edge to look great, meaning I could easily do the bathroom alone without constantly switching between my edging brush and the roller.  Now, let me tell you… I painted my entire home with Behr Premium Plus, and I loved its affordability and coverage.  However, Aura is in an entirely different league.  It rolled on like buttah’! The first coat covered beautifully! There were a few roller lines, but I expected worse.

Half Bathroom- 1 Coat of Paint

Did I mention that Aura dries in an hour? I did a second coat the following day, and it covered perfectly.  I’ve heard horror stories of 5-6 coats of paint with no luck.  I have beautiful, rich black walls in 2 easy coats! I’m converted.  Did I mention how easy it was to clean off my hands and the brush?  So easy!  Here’s the “finished” room (I’d still like to change out the faucet and floor tile):

After viewing all of the beautiful wallpaper the other day, I wanted a pop of wallpaper on the back wall of the tiny bathroom.  However, wallpaper wasn’t really in the budget.  Instead, I bought a paint sample of Benjamin Moore’s Bermuda Teal.  I painted the wall behind the toilet with the bright teal, and I free-handed a random design on top with gold Sharpie paint pens (similar to KFD Design’s inspiring bathroom).  It’s not as detailed as real wallpaper, but I still love how whimsical it is.

***A tip for painting behind the toilet tank: I taped a paint stir stick to an edger pad.  It can reach far behind the tank for a seamless, clean look!

I love gold and brass EVERYTHING, so I knew I wanted my details in the room to be gold.  I found a round mirror at Goodwill for $19.99.  It’s actually an older, larger version of Ikea’s Grundtal mirror.  It’s silver so I taped it up, primed it, and sprayed it gold.

I also primed, painted, and protection coated the toilet paper holder gold.  I bought a glass shelf from Ikea that needed a coat of gold, as well.

I chose not to reuse the hand towel ring.  I love fun, creative places for hand towels.  I randomly found this wooden hand at Goodwill, and I knew it would be PERFECT in my quirky bathroom for a towel!

I know it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea,” but I really love how the half bathroom turned out.  It definitely fits our style and personalities.  Perhaps more importantly, it fits our budget too!  Here’s the price breakdown:

BM Aura Onyx Black Paint: $25.99

BM Teal Paint Sample: $8.99

Sharpie Gold Paint Pens: $4

Mirror: $19.99

Shelf: $17.99

Hand (for towel): $3.99

TOTAL: $80.95

I’d like to eventually change out the orange mosaic tiled floor and the faucet, but that can wait for another time.  Overall, I’m happy with the changes for the price.