Recently, I found an adorable ice bucket for my retro bar at Goodwill.  It was a bit dirty, but for only $4.99 I thought it could be cleaned up.

Upon researching, I discovered that window cleaners and ammonia products are not safe for acrylics (lucite is acrylic).  I’m glad I read that because Windex is my cleaner of choice to remove price tags! Instead, I simply dismantled the pieces and cleaned each piece in warm, soapy water.  Also, I used a soft, clean dusting rag that couldn’t scratch the lucite when drying.  IKEA sells the perfect dish towel that doesn’t streak or cause abrasion for only $0.79!

It’s less cloudy now! Sometimes, the simplest methods are the best! I also cleaned the brass band with soapy water.  I was going to polish it, but I realized it was magnetic, which means it’s not solid brass.  Polishing a brass-coated metal could remove some of the brass.  Now, this piece is living happily on my retro bar cart!

What do you think? Worth the $4.99?