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After we painted our dining room pink, it suddenly transformed into a fun, slightly retro space.

It is missing art, of course, but it also seemed to be missing an important retro element… a bar.  I poured through pictures of classic retro bars, and I even started sketching some plans for a built-in bar.  The plans were lofty since we’re already working on some major (secret-ish) projects, and luckily fate/ luck intervened. I was driving home from work and passed by a tiny thrift store in Virginia.  This little beauty was sitting out front with a $10 sign on it.

It’s hard to see in the picture, but it was in rough shape.  The wheels were very torn up, but they are the original gold glitter filled clear plastic wheels.
The brown metal trays still had their original Cosco sticker on them.

They also were still backed with their packing cardboard.  That ended up being a BAD thing. Hundreds of spiders were living beneath the cardboard and laying eggs beneath it.  Removing it was pretty terrible!

I thoroughly cleaned, sanded, and wiped down both the cart and the trays.  I gave the cart a quick coat of gold spray paint with a clear protective coating.  Then, I coated the trays with a mint green paint.

I love the result!  Yes, we have a lime juice and Triple Sec addiction… I may have also bought the pretty lemonade bottles from Trader Joe’s for decoration only.  I called my mom to tell her about this bar and discovered my grandmother and great-grandmother had them in their homes! Now, I feel like it’s not just a great find but also a tie to my family.  I also googled “Cosco Bar Carts” and discovered that they sell for $50-$90, depending on their condition. I think I got a great deal!