Our front door has looked like this ever since we moved in. The space is very “unfinished,” but the dark blinds have been bothering me for a while.  They visually break up the area, making it feel darker and  chopped up.  That being said, we live in a busy part of DC, so we do need privacy.

  Enter Amazon…

I probably purchase tooooooo much from Amazon, but I get same day delivery for free here in DC!!! I also enjoy reading reviews for products… probably too much.  My husband still teases me about the time I needed to buy a rubber snake for a Cleopatra costume, and I read hundreds of reviews until I found the “perfect one.”  Anyways, the fact that this window film had reviews backing that it LOOKED like frosted glass AND was easily removable (no adhesive glue) sold me.  I immediately removed my brown blinds and hoped it would look good.

Oh… I also painted the front door! More on that in a moment.  The film was easy to apply, and I love how the door looks without blinds.  However, the film does obstruct the amount of light that enters, making it a bit darker during the day.  Our back patio door also needed some help.  Actually, it needs A LOT of help, and the window film is step one.  In the bedroom, I love that it defuses the light. We sleep so much better now.

In other (semi-related) news, I finally bought paint for the house.  I’ve been deciding between 200 different shades of white, and then I chose one (Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore), and I waited and waited for a discount.  There website frequently has $7 off a can deals, but I haven’t seen one for months.  I couldn’t justify spending $50 per gallon, especially when I needed 4-5 gallons, so I researched a similar color in Home Depot’s Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint.  It’s much cheaper and has great reviews.  I ended up using their Ultra Pure White.  I love a bright, clean white in a home, although I know a lot of people prefer warmer, more cozy tones.  I love art, so I wanted a color that didn’t compete with my art.  I also bought a liter of a semi-gloss “Oops Paint” for $2 and used it on the door.  Do other stores have an “Oops Paint” section? I stalk ours frequently, since the prices are incredible.  The door color is a salmon color, which I had been considering already.  I’d like it to have more of an orange tone like the photo below, but I can’t complain for the price.

I still need to repaint the door frame and beef it up a bit with additional moulding, but I’m happy with these little changes.

Here’s the progress again, just because I love it!

 Update:  I ended up hating that salmon pink color, and I painted the entire door black.