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The back patio has been slowly coming together (see: here,  here, and here).  For several weeks, it’s been too hot in DC to even want to be outside… and that slowed us down considerably.  Once the temperature dropped a bit, we got in gear and finished it FAST!

We decided to keep the cushions from World Market, and we solved the size issue by simply separating the seats a bit.  We didn’t build spacers (as previously discussed), partially due to laziness and partially due to the fact that the cushions are so sturdy that they don’t fall into the gaps between the seats.

Despite being outdoor cushions, we were really concerned about the  white cushions.  We erred on the side of caution and further protected them with 303 Fabric Guard.  It was a fast and easy application process, and they wipe off nicely now.  We applied the product outside for ventilation, but we brought them indoors a couple hours later to let them to fully dry for a week before taking them back outside.

I also finally finished the pallet “planter” mentioned here.  I wasn’t planning on hanging it in that spot, but it was kinda of serendipitous. There were already four nails in a row in that spot, which meant I wouldn’t need to add more holes to my beloved brick wall.  Honestly, I’m not even sure how to drill into brick.

I’m embarrassed to admit that my succulents are fake.  We have a major mosquito problem right now, and live plants seem to exacerbate the issue.  You see, rainy conditions cause pooling of water in planters.  Standing water breeds mosquitoes.  I decided to just stick an assortment of fake succulents into the gaps and hope for the best.  I should have bought a larger assortment of fake succulents, but I bought what was on clearance to save money.  I will say that some of the more expensive options at Hobby Lobby were very realistic compared to my clearance finds.  The term “expensive” is relative here, since they were only $4.99 each.  However, mine were less than $2 each.  Here are some of my favorites (in case someone else has to settle for fakes, as well).

The table is an IKEA Docksta.  I had it in my dining room (see below) up until yesterday.  I always knew it would need some attention if it stayed in my dining room, but then I was gifted a beautiful antique dining table this past weekend from my parents.  It fits our space better than the Docksta ever did, which meant the Docksta needed to find a new home.

Welcome to the patio, my friend.

The green metal chairs are originally from Ikea, but I got them for a song on Craigslist.  The rug was purchased 6 years ago on Amazon. It’s still in like new condition, despite being outdoors all year long the entire time!  I’ve also had the lantern for years.  Now, it holds a citronella candle to keep our pesky mosquitoes at bay.  Here’s the ENTIRE price breakdown for the space:

DIY sectional (including tool rental prices): $300

Cushions: $160

303 fabric guard: $12.43

Citronella candle: $8

Green chairs: $30

Fake succulents: $23.32

Pallet: free

Small black table: already owned

IKEA Docksta table: already owned

Rug: already owned

White lantern: already owned


TOTAL: $533.75

Not bad, considering that buying a new sectional is twice that price!  We’re both really happy with the space and love hanging out here.  A comfortable, private outdoor space really makes our small condo feel much larger!