This is a super fast DIY. We needed a cheap door mat for our patio. I’m trying to keep the price as low as possible,  so I didn’t want to spend $14.99 at Target on a mat. I picked up a cheap mat from IKEA. The Sindal is only $4.99, but it’s a little plain for our fun outdoor space.

Sindal Door Mat, $4.99

 I taped off the letters that I wanted to paint…

Taped Letters

…and painted it with craft paint that I already owned. In hindsight, I wish I had watered the paint down more. I prefer the “weathered” look on this.


We’ll see how long it lasts outside! It will be under the covered part of our patio, so I think it should be fine.

Update:  It’s been outside through a few rainstorms now, and it’s still fine.  However, I realized that the IKEA outdoor rugs are solid rubber on the back with no holes.  I cut a few holes in it to let water escape through the back.  I also found a few pictures of cool DIY rug ideas!


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