Two weeks ago, we moved into our new place!!!! We moved ourselves… just he and I.  I’m glad I’ve been lifting heavy weights for a few years because moving heavy dressers and cabinets down to a moving truck and then around a city and down stairs into our new condo is not an easy task.  This is our 7th move in less than 7 years.  We should be pros by now… should be.  As we were moving and putting away our belongings, we realized how different the place already looked.  We had fun comparing the old pictures to the current pictures, despite the fact that nothing extremely monumental has been accomplished.  So far, our furniture that we already own fits really well, and I’m excited for the LONG list of things that I’d like to do eventually.  Please, excuse the general messiness and picture quality.  The pictures are taken at night, mainly because we both are so busy doing projects or enjoying the city during the day to remember to take pictures!  I do need to unpack my nice camera and take better pictures though!


DKdzBn1431294405 dEtzxU1431294386To do:

  • Buy an outdoor rug
  • Add concrete planters and shade-friendly plants
  • Refinish the metal railings (with approval from our HOA)
  • Solution for bugs (this patio is a mosquito dwelling)
  • ***We live in a great, safe city; however, it’s STILL a city.  We won’t be adding any furniture to the front patio, as it has a way of disappearing around here.  If we do add any, we will need to chain it to the metal railing.  I’m not even sure how to make a chained piece of furniture look appealing.

Entry/ Living Room

33krGI1431294455p6wuEj1431294437 ClJzEn1431294423lejKdE1431294721The walls are currently a creamy white.  The small fireplace and lack of wiring for a television all bother me.  The fireplace has no glass cover or tiling in front of it.  It’s a wood fireplace, so the sparks that jump out onto our wood floor is a HUGE fire hazard.  Also, there is no coat or shoe closet.  We used to live in Japan, and our apartment had a shoe cabinet upon entry.  It was AMAZING.  We absolutely loved it and want to continue that here. image_6image_4image_5image_7Our list:

  • Paint the walls Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore
  • Touch up the baseboards and ceilings
  • Hang art (partially done)
  • Build a storage solution for coats
  • Add a shoe storage solution (we bought an Ikea STÄLL cabinet from Craigslist)
  • Create an interesting nook in the far left corner (currently, it’s home to our TV and a bunch of junk that is awaiting a home)
  • Build out the fireplace mantel and buy a safety cover for it
  • Create a solution for the television, possibly an in-built nook above the fireplace

Dining Room:

otrqmi1431294485 a5v7HU1431294510I love this round dining space.  It actually dwarfs my little DOCKSTA, and I’m still working on what I want to eventually do.image_1 image

  • Long Term: Possibly, open up the wall to the kitchen and make it a more integrated kitchen/ dining area.
  • Short term:
  • Paint the walls Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore
  • Touch up the baseboards and ceiling
  • Modernize the lighting (My sweet husband bought me this chandelier as a surprise.)
  • Possibly add draperies to draw attention to the large windows .  It’s a garden level unit, so there are very few windows!
  • Do something spectacular with the one straight wall that flows toward the kitchen.
  • Find a round rug.  The current one was a Craigslist find from a few years ago.
  • Enlarge the dining table and/ or hack is somehow. 
  • Hang art or a mirror.

Kitchen (with Washer/ Dryer Nook):

2mbIez1431294629 AiQZqW1431294603This kitchen… this kitchen.  It was DISGUSTING when we got it.  The amount of cleaning that we did to the interior and exterior of these laminate cabinets was ridiculous.  It’s not the previous owners’ fault.  They are actually very hard to keep clean.  I’m pretty sure they are dust and grease magnets.  Additionally, the kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, so we had to get creative here.  The handles were silver, and I already got a wild hair and randomly removed them and spray painted them gold.

  • image_2 image_3 image_9
  • Long term: New cabinets and possibly open it up to the dining room more.  Also, move the W/D to another part of the house, and use the open closet for STORAGE!!!
  • Short term:
  • Add fabric, wallpaper, or cheap tile to the back splash.
  • Possibly, paint the entire kitchen.
  • Find a “pantry” storage solution.  (I used one of my leftover Ikea bookcases for this.)
  • Paint or replace the hardware.

Half Bathroom

GtM2cf1431294743This room is completely untouched.  We aren’t in love with the colors or the proportion of the pedestal sink; however, there are a lot of other projects that require our budget first.

To do:

  • PAINT!  We are considering a lot of colors, including a high glass charcoal.
  • Re-tile.  It’s an orange mosaic flooring.  We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, and it is easy to keep clean… but it’s not our cup of tea.
  • Replace the pedestal sink with a small wall-hanging sink.
  • Replace the mirror.
  • Add lighting over or around the mirror.

I still have to share our bedrooms, master closet and master bathroom.  They won’t be getting much attention for a while, but we have some BIG ideas for them!