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I have boxes full of unpacked goods laying around my condo… and I spent my evening dreaming up an accent wall… for my closet. The one room that guests will never see, and it looks the best. I have problems.

Closet Before


The closet was good when we started: large, Elfa system, window (to a private patio) for natural light. I’ve never had a large closet like this, so maybe that explains my focus. We ripped out the carpet and added two of our Billy bookcases (from here) for added storage.  Ignore the Katy Perry head piece that needs to be placed in my costume bin. Normal adults have costume bins, okay?

I needed a place to put my accessories. If they’re out in the open, I tend to use them more. I also wanted a pretty place for them, but my budget is rather limited. I solved that by dreaming up a solution for $2.99 plus tax.  I ran into TJ Maxx in search of a non-shiny, thick gift wrap paper. Honestly, I wasn’t in LOVE with the selection, but I had an idea and some free time. That doesn’t always happen. I found a Robin Thicke/ Beetlejuice inspired stripe that I could live with.

I attached it to the wall with double sided tape. Honestly, I thought my idea wouldn’t work, and I wasn’t interested in peeling off wallpaper adhesive when I hated it. To my surprise, I ended up loving the result.  I’m still not 100% sold on the stripes, but one day I’ll find a dreamy gift wrap to replace it.  Double sided tape is not permanent.

I added “crown molding,” which I really just cut from scraps leftover from another project. It needs calked and repainted. I also added brass teacup hooks that I already owned and a thrifted teal shelf that has been a shot glass holder in its previous life. I think it will enjoy it’s new job holding bracelets.

It’s not finished. I’m planning a special system for belts and scarves; however, that will have to wait until my budget expands beyond $2.99.