Once upon a time, there was a girl that had an addiction to Craigslist.  She bought a chair for $15… an ugly, brown, vinyl chair for $15.  The girl is clearly nuts.


Ugly, brown, vinyl Craigslist chair

She also had unlimited access to an Amazon Prime account, and she knew how to use abuse it.  She purchased Rust-Oleum Vinyl Spray Paint, which can be used on ANY vinyl surface including car and boat interiors.  This is where it becomes a love story…


The white, shiny, beautiful Craigslist chair

The chair is now able to live out its life with a shiny, white exterior.  Sure, it has those dated wooden legs that hint to its true age (similar to the neck and hands of a woman after a face lift), but that doesn’t stop it from feeling sassy and young.

*This is actually an old project.  I did this TWO YEARS ago, and this chair is still in PERFECT condition.  It’s survived a cross country move and a rushed apartment swap.  No scratches, no marks, no chips!  A true love story!