I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  My husband and I prep all of our food for the week on Sundays, so we spend a solid 3-4 hours in the kitchen together.  Having a beautiful kitchen to stare at makes that time much more bearable.  Wine also helps.  As I’m preparing to move into my *NEW* home (Have I mentioned that enough yet?), I’m constantly looking at beautiful ways to brighten and enlarge my tiny basement condo kitchen.  One trend that I’ve been spying a lot in the past couple of years is absolutely GORGEOUS!  BRASS KITCHENS.

The sleekness of this brass island mixed with the warm wood and stark white walls is striking.

This kitchen also included a mix of wood tones with upper brass cabinets.  The white marble backsplash against the brass is my favorite detail.

Another mix of wood, marble and brass.  This time the brass addition is actually an oven vent that was custom created with brass.  It’s a show stopper!

These brass drawer cabinets are stunning with a worn olive wall and rustic lights.  The marble kitchen table and unfinished wood floors also add to the beauty of the space.

A tiny pop of brass in a white kitchen is still breathtaking!  Again with the marble, wood, and white!

This kitchen is covered with antique brass.  The cabinet handles are perfect with the older finish.

My personal favorite is this Parisian apartment kitchen.  It is incredibly small (like my  kitchen), but the shininess of the metal (silver in this case) throws light around the room making everything appear much brighter.  I adore this kitchen!  I can’t imagine how much it costs though…

I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate this trend for less money.  I’m not sure how long-lasting the trend is, and I don’t have $90,000 to drop on brass or silver cabinetry.  I’m thinking up a DIY solution that could be renter friendly.  WHAT IF… JUST IMAGINE…

I have flat front, cheap, white laminate cabinets in my *NEW* condo.  I could go the easy route and add brass handles to get my fix, but I LOVE the idea of trying out this brushed brass contact paper on the fronts.  I picture it with brushed brass handles.  The paper is a bit costly at $49.99 per roll, but I definitely think it would make a huge statement on cheap cabinetry.  The same company sells brushed copper contact paper, which could create a fun, minimalist look in copper (like below).

What do you think of shiny, metal kitchens?  Which is your favorite?  I’m still trying to decide if this trend is for me or not… OKAY, I’m actually trying to decide if I want to spend an entire day laying contact paper and pushing out all of the tiny air bubbles that contact paper is infamous for!