I love shopping… all types of shopping.  However, I don’t love spending money.  These are trying times.  Craigslist is my version of Pottery Barn.  However, there are times when I fall in love with something sooooo much that I almost (almost) throw my money at it.  Unfortunately, I have champagne taste on a beer budget… and not a good craft beer either.  It’s more of a Bud Light budget.

Right now, I’m window shopping for a chandelier for my new condo.  I’m moving soon, and I don’t love the current chandelier in the new place.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.05.24 PM

My new condo (not my furniture)

It’s fine.  It’s just traditional for my taste.  I made the big mistake of “window shopping” at Jonathan Adler, and I went DOOOOOOWWWWNNNNN the rabbit hole.  I need everything…. EVERYTHING! But $$$$$!

It’s beautiful, but $$$$$$$$.  Yikes!  Ikea sells a simple pendant light with a similar shape.  Some gold and frosted glass spray paint, along with an electrician to connect a few of these together, might create a similar “Ikea hack” version.

At $89.99 per pendant, plus the cost of supplies and an electrician, the Ikea hack version would still be costly, albeit cheaper than the Jonathan Adler version.  I also wonder if it would overpower my small tulip dining table.  I went back to the drawing table… {cough cough} Jonathan Adler website.

Gorgeous, right?! Still over my budget.  Luckily, I had a snow day today and a decent amount of time to virtual window show.  Overstock is a budget cheap girl’s BEST FRIEND.  Check out this beauty!

At first, I was bothered that the orientation was different, but the more I think about it… I wonder if the sideways orientation would actually be better (less direct downward lighting).  I’m still wavering on the lighting situation, but I’ve at least found a few options within my budget and design aesthetic.